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Online Mini Game


Dragon Boat Hurrah!

微信用户参与方式​ WeChat User Participation Method

1. 打开微信扫一扫 

   Click the "Scan" button in WeChat

2. 扫描此二维码,关注/进入宗乡总会SFCCA官方微信公众号

   Scan the QR code, follow/enter SFCCA’s WeChat Official Account

or alternative participation method, click on the link:

3. 点击菜单栏 “端午小游戏”

   Click “端午小游戏” in the menu

4. 点击“开始游戏”按钮,参与游戏

   Click “开始游戏” button to start the game

5. 完成游戏,提交兑奖信息

   Submit your contact information after the game




Prize Redemption Rules



    A时段:01.06.2021, 00:00 - 04.06.2021, 23:59

    B时段:05.06.2021, 00:00 - 08.06.2021, 23:59



The festive-themed mobile game “Dragon Boat Hurrah!” is divided into Preliminary Stage and Finals. The Preliminary Stage is divided into A and B two rounds, the top 15 winners of each round will proceed to the Finals. This mini game will be available on SFCCA’s WeChat official account. 

1) Preliminary Stage:

The preliminary stage will be launched at 00:00 on 1 June 2021.The competition will be conducted in 2 rounds – A and B. The top 15 winners with the highest score from each round will get to win SGD20 worth of shopping vouchers and get to proceed into the Finals.

        Round A : 1 June, 00:00 – 4 June, 23:59

        Round B : 5 June, 00:00 – 8 June, 23:59

*All winners will be contacted via SMS and each person will only be entitled to win ONE prize.


2) Finals: All winners from Round A and B will be invited to compete in the Final round on 9 June (Wednesday), 09:00-17:00. Top 15 winners with the highest score will receive SGD60 vouchers each. 

如有任何疑问,请联系宗乡总会秘书处66436479 或电邮至

For any enquiries, please contact SFCCA Secretariat at 66436479 or email

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